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 CRX comes with a variety of tools that allow you to easily manage the repository using a Web-based administration tool. This is very useful if you have just started developing with CRX, and need to check whether your code does what you expect it to. 
 To open the tools, type the administration path that you have specified when installing CRX. Typical paths are:

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 The Repository Manager console offers the following tools: 
Content ExplorerBrowse the content of the CRX repository. The Content Explorer works basically like the Windows explorer, except that it offers much more detailed information.
Nodetype AdministrationAdminister the types of nodes used in the repository. The nodetype defines which properties and child nodes a node can have, and it specifies the node's behaivior.
Content LoaderUpload an XML document into the CRX repository.
Content ZipperSave part of the repository as an XML or ZIP file.
Repository ConfigRead the repository configuration information.

 In addition to the management tools, the console offers the following functions: 
Download and install…Additional tools for CRX. Note that CRX comes with several pre-installed tools, so you usually do not have to download any more tools.
JSR-170 SpecThe JSR-170 specification contains everything you need to know about programming the CRX repository.
JSR-170 public review commentSend a comment about JSR-170 to the developers of the JSR-170 standard. Use this address for discussion of the standard only, and not for questions about CRX, Jackrabbit or other implementations of the standard.
Mailing listJoin the CRX forum and mailing list.
OEM ToolsClick to send an email message if you have any questions about OEM tools or contracts.


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